Carrefour Prime Eco Travaux

Development of an animation to present the new advantages of Prime Eco card affiliate program of the group Carrefour France. 

In this project, I was asked to create a quick animation, because the deadline was really restricted.

Created all the storyboard, and then did the animation. The client sent some of the illustrations and icons, that they want to use.


Client: Carrefour France
Agency: Blue Okapi Barcelona
Year: June / 2016
Freelance project


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Hello! I'm Wagner Oliveira!

I'm in the creative business for nine years, currently working as creative director / project manager in projects related to Publicity, Motion Graphics / Video Edition and Art Direction. 

Already worked for clients such as Coca-Cola, Burger King, McDonalds, Subway, Greenpeace, Carrefour France... And with agencies located in different parts of the world: Brazil, Spain, France, Canada, US... Also, I'm really like the innovation / entrepreneur fields and already have developed my own projects / startups. 

I feel motivated to work in international environments, where you can exchange ideas and feedbacks with people from different cultures. 

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New experiences and challenges are my motivation.

If you have any cool project or opportunities, get in touch!



Novas experiências e desafios são minhas motivações.

Se você possui algum projeto ou oportunidade, entre em contato!

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