Schweppes Meeting

- Make brand visibility in an original and elegant way, creating actions of sampling of the Schweppes flavors;
- Create new customers of Schweppes products;
- Make more presence in the night (events). 

- Creation of a custom portable pub / lounge, where bartenders offers to the public drinks made with Schweppes; 
- Together, promoters are distributing flyers, with the options of the drinks to choose and their recipes, if the person wants to do at home after;
- Installation of the pub / lounge in strategical places, such as opening concerts / theaters or major events / trade shows, where there is enough concentration of the public;
- The slogan of the action was: "Your night with an extra dose of style".

Layouts ( prototype / flyers / uniforms)

Photos of the action:

Also we recorded and edited a video of the action: 


Agency: Cecia Marketing Promotional
Client: Coca-Cola (Spaipa)
Year: 2010 / 2011



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